8 Reasons

There are eight good reasons to consume extra virgin olive oil Germán Baena:

1) THE TRADITION: The cooperative members of Germán Baena continue a centuries-old olive tradition. They take advantage of the microclimate of the area for the good cultivation of the fertile lands of surrounding regions, to which the native pointed olive tree adapts. This is the foundation of a unique and essential extra virgin olive oil in the traditional Mediterranean diet.

2) THE GUARANTEE: The Regulatory Council of the Baena Designation of Origin, admitted by the European Community, guarantees the quality of the extra virgin olive oil from Germán Baena. This organism subjects the oil to a strict control and a severe selection for the total guarantee of the consumer.

3) AROMA AND FLAVOR: With its fruity aroma it is easy to imagine its great flavor, surely in salads or any other food. Filtered and unfiltered, in the branch, it is also surely recognized by its gold color.

4) CRAFTSMANSHIP AND TECHNOLOGY: First were the beam presses, then the hydraulic press mills prevailed and, finally, the modern technology of continuous systems. But always working the olives according to the artisanal tradition of the ancient oil mills of the Lordship of Baena City council.

5) NATURAL AND HEALTHY: Germán Baena’s extra virgin olive oil is a natural product, a cold-pressed olive juice. And it is also good because it helps you to keep in shape, prevents against cardiovascular diseases, facilitates digestion and acts on bone tissue.

6) AWARDS: Germán Baena has received numerous Gold medals from the Regulatory Council since these awards were established in 1992. First International Quality Award in Expoliva (1993) and many other awards. Germán Baena’s extra virgin olive oil is also endorsed by the Best of Gastronomy guide, which considers it one of the three best in Spain.

7) GASTRONOMY: In frying it can be used up to four or five times and it does not lose its qualities. Germán Baena oil is ideal for the kitchen; the proof of it that the best restaurants use it to cook their dishes and the food critics praise it.

8) OF THE GREAT NOBILITY: Of the two brands delivered by the Germán Baena cooperative, the great reserve is Duque de Baena, an extra virgin olive oil of the great nobility due to its exceptional quality and artisanal production, based on rigorously selected olives.